of the Student Body at
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

From: May 30th to July 03rd 2021

Announcement of the election

announcement of the election

Announcement of the election candidacies

The original version of the announcement of the election proposals contained two errors: instead of 30 May, 3 May was stated as the start of the election in one place, and a wrong major was stated for one of the candidates for the election repetition of the FS BGU.

Click to see the corrected version of the approved election proposals.


If you're still unsure who to vote for or just want to gain further insight on the StuPa-lists and their candidates, you might want to try the StuPa-o-Mat


online-version of the "Wahlventil"

Election debate

A recording of the election debate is available at the Youtube-Channel of the "Campusradio Karlsruhe"

Campaigning for the election

The AStA will provide a budget of €100 for election advertising for each list running in the StuPa elections - regardless of whether they are only running in the election repetions / regular elections or both. This requires a corresponding funding request at the AStA - for further information please contact the finance department.

In the week before the election, all electable lists have the possibility to make a campaigning stand in front of the AKK. In order to apply for a campaigning stand, please contact the AKK (e-mail: / phone: +49 (0)721 96 403 22)



Election regulations

The election regulations can be found in the official announcements of the KIT. They have been published together with the organizational statutes.

Organizational statute of the student body (incl. elecion regulations)

Ammendment to the election regulations from May 2nd 2014

Ammendment to the election regulations from June 28th 2017

Ammendment to the election regulations from August 8th 2018

Ammendment to the election regulations from September 13th 2019

Ammendment to the election regulations from June 16th 2020

Ammendment to the election regulations from January 26th 2021

Ammendment to the election regulations from April 27th 2021

An updated version of the regulations can also be found on AStA's Website:

Current election regulations

Election committee

The election committee consists of Oliver Barz (chairman), Tilia Gädeke (substitute chairwoman), Johann Sebastian Wermter und Noah Lettner.
Contact to the election committee

Meeting protocols of the election committee

Protocol from February 24th 2022

Protocol from March 03rd 2022

Protocol from March 09th 2022

Protocol from March 17th 2022

Protocol from March 29th 2022

Protocol from April 06th 2022

Protocol from April 12th 2022

Protocol from April 21st 2022

Protocol from April 28th 2022

Protocol from April 29th 2022

Protocol from May 09th 2022

Protocol from May 13th 2022

Protocol from May 15th 2022

Protocol from May 17th 2022

Protocol from May 20th 2022

Past elections of the student body

The results from past elections can only be viewed from AStA's internal networks, following a resolution of the board of elders.

For further information please contact the AStA department of internal affairs