Online elections

of the Student Body at
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

From: June 28th to July 4th 2021

(extended until July 5th 2021)

Announcement of the election and 2 ballots


Text on the CAMPUSbike ballott

Text on the FZS ballott

The election committee has also prepared an FAQ with frequently asked questions.

Election results

In the following link you can see the transcript of the election which contains all results (not yet signed)

Election Transcript(in german only)

Information on the elections of the student parliament

Announcement of approved lists

In this year's edition of the "Wahlventil" the lists and candidates introduce themselves.

Here you can access this year's StuPa-O-Mat

There was also an election debate this year on 27.06.2021.

It was recorded and can be viewed here. (Attention: external link to YouTube and in german)

Information on the elections of the faculty student representatives

Announcement of approved student representative candidates

The following links contain introductions of the candidates of the individual faculties:

Fachschaft Elektro- und Informationstechnik (in german)
Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik (in german)
Fachschaft MACH/CIW (in german)
Fachschaft Wirtschaftswissenschaften (in german)

Postal voting

This election is going to happen online, therefore online voting is explicitely recommended.

The requisition form for postal voting has to reach the election committee by June 7th 2021. After that, postal voting documents won't be issued anymore.

Postal voting requisition form

Election proposals

Election proposals can be submitted to the election committee until June 4th 2021, 3 PM. This will be possible on the week from May 31th to June 4th, each day from 2 PM to 3 PM in person at AStA.

Student Parliament election proposal form

Faculty representatives election proposal form

Election regulations

The election regulations can be found in the official announcements of the KIT. They have been published together with the organizational statutes.

Organizational statute of the student body (incl. elecion regulations)

Ammendment to the election regulations from May 2nd 2014

Ammendment to the election regulations from June 28th 2017

Ammendment to the election regulations from August 8th 2018

Ammendment to the election regulations from September 13th 2019

Ammendment to the election regulations from June 16th 2020

Ammendment to the election regulations from January 26th 2021

Ammendment to the election regulations from April 27th 2021

An updated version of the regulations can also be found on AStA's Website:

Current election regulations

Election committee

The election committee consists of Francesca Ritt (chairwoman), Julia Gehrckens (substitute chairwoman), Alena Börs und Michael Khal.
Contact to the election committee

Meeting protocols of the election committee

(in german)

Protocol from May 13th 2021

Protocol from May 17th 2021

Protocol from May 28th 2021

Protocol from June 8th 2021

Protocol of the special decision from June 10th 2021

Protocol of the special decision from June 14th 2021

Protocol from June 16th 2021

Past elections of the student body

The results from past elections can only be viewed from AStA's internal networks, following a resolution of the board of elders.

Elections of the
consituted student body
Elections of the
independent student body
Results from 2020 Results from 2013
Neuwahl FS Archi 2020 Results from 2012
Results from 2019 Results from 2011
Results from 2018 Results from 2010
Results from 2017 Results from 2009
Results from 2016 Results from 2008
Results from 2015 Results from 2007
Results from 2014 Results from 2006
Results from 2013 Results from 2005
Results from 2004
Results from 2003